Our Autism friendly session are ideal for those who prefer less sensory input.

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An inclusive environment for everyone.
A whole new
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Our autism friendly sessions are designed to reduce sensory input so we lower the noise from consoles and virtual reality machines, lower the music volume and reduce the number of spaces available.

We hope these adjustments will help people with sensory sensitivity to enjoy the immersive experiences in a more relaxed way.

Our staff are trained in autism awareness and are on hand to help out if need be. Any loved ones or support staff are more than welcome to come along too.

If you have any specific circumstances, or want to ask any further questions on how we adjust the environment then please feel free to send us a message through the website.

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Are your staff trained in neurodiversity?

We understand that we are all individuals and have our own needs. That means we have to adapt our environment and staff are part of that. We ensure they are respectful and understanding of all our gamers.

How many people are in the sessions?

We reduce the number of gamers  during our autism sessions. We also reduce the sensory input by lowering the music and noise from the games.

What is included in the gamers package

You get 2 hours entry and 3 coins to use on any VR simulator or stations.

What is included in the Ultimate Gamers package

With the Ultimate Gamers Package, you get 2 hours of non-stop fun and unlimited use on any VR Simulator or station. We’ll also include a Tango Ice Blast and Foot Long Hot Dog to complete your experience.


Putting on a VR Headset enables you to step into another world and tricks the brain into thinking this is its new reality. Sound is delivered from 3 dimensions making you feel like its all around you, you can pick up objects, walk around, look under tables and even flip them over creating real life experiences.

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