Experience the thrill of racing on a Formula 1 track, riding a rollercoaster or flying through the air in outer space!

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A new way of connecting for the whole family.
A whole new
World to explore

Come and try out our truly unique and fun immersive experiences.

Pit yourselves against each other in a competitive multiplayer or team up and beat one common enemy together.

Who will come out top? The possibilities are endless and the fun knows no boundaries!

To discuss your family experience please contact us through our website.

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Do I need to pay if I’m not participating?

No. As long as you are with someone who is participating then you are welcome to wait in our snack bar area. If you want to join in then you can pop to reception buy a band and join all the fun.

Can I leave my child?

Yes. As long as your child is over 8 years old and you complete a parental consent form then you can leave your child safely with us.

What is included in the gamers package?

You get 2 hours entry with use on our Consoles and Car Racing Sims and 3 coins to use on any VR simulator or booths.


Additional coins can be purchased at the venues if you run out!

What is included in the Ultimate Gamers package

With the Ultimate Gamers Package, you get 2 hours of non-stop fun and time on any VR Simulator or Station. We’ll also include a Tango Ice Blast and Foot Long Hot Dog to complete your experience.

Is there somewhere I can wait?

Yes. We have a fully stocked snack bar serving food and beverages including coffee, muffins, Tango Ice Blasts, Foot Long Hot Dogs and a variety of sweet treats for you to enjoy whilst you wait.

Is there an age limit?

We advise that children around 5 years old are the youngest but we leave that to the discretion of a grown up.

Can I bring my own food?

No. Only food and drinks purchased in our venues can be consumed in our venues.


Putting on a VR Headset enables you to step into another world and tricks the brain into thinking this is its new reality. Sound is delivered from 3 dimensions making you feel like its all around you, you can pick up objects, walk around, look under tables and even flip them over creating real life experiences.

Virtual Reality Gaming
PS5 & Xbox Series X
F1 Racing Simulators
Party Hire Available

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