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Terms & Conditions

The Gaming Hideaway’s Legal Rights

Terms and Conditions:

Our terms and conditions adhere to all online bookings and walk-in custom, by making a booking and becoming a customer of The Gaming Hideaway you agree to abide by all rules and regulations set in place.

Conditions of Entry.

To enter The Gaming Hideaway facilities, you must have a booking reservation or complete an entry booking and wavier for all walk-ins.

The Gaming hideaway reserves the right to refuse access where behaviour represents abuse or danger to our customers, staff, and equipment.

The Gaming Hideaway has the right to restrict access and stop the playing of any content that is not suitable due to age restrictions. The Gaming Hideaway will not be held accountable or accept responsibility if any such content were to occur.

Customers must sign our waiver before entering, if a customer books a slot and refuses to sign the waiver they will not be granted entry and no refunds for the pre-booked space will be given.

The Gaming Hideaway has the right to refuse entry if customers do not abide by our safety rules, use abusive language, or tries to gain entry with weapons of any sort.

All customers must be signed in to each station by a member of The Gaming Hideaway Staff and all customers must respect and adhere to that, signing into personal accounts on The Gaming Hideaway systems, any persons found doing so will be removed and excluded from The Gaming Hideaway for all future use.

Leaving and returning to The Gaming Hideaway during your play time is permitted if a member of staff is made aware and you return within 15min left of your playtime.

All customers are provided with a colour-coded band for entry, if you leave and return without your coloured band you will be refused entry. All customers must leave their playing station when their coloured band time has expired.

All customers must leave their gaming station clean and tidy.

Any personal items left will be placed in the lost property however The Gaming Hideaway will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Food and Drinks

All food and drinks consumed on the premises must be bought from The Gaming Hideaways snack bar.

Hot Food is to only be consumed in the designated eating areas.

Cold snacks and drinks may be consumed in the designated console areas and eating areas however prohibited from being consumed in the racing room and near anyway VR equipment or simulators.

All rubbish must be placed in the recycling bins that are clearly placed throughout the establishment.

Customers are not to light any candles, sparklers, or the like without the consent of the Manager.

Pricing and Bookings

All customers must agree to pay the costs stated by the Gaming Hideaway, any changes in pricing will be clearly stated with the notice provided.

Customers will not receive a refund or partial refund for any unused Gaming Time

Customers agree to the terms for purchasing coins for additional use of the VR systems and undergo a 2 min tutorial on all free-standing VRs

Customers agree to pay the costs to book the Virtual Reality escape room as this is a separate facility within the establishment and is not covered under the general entry pricing. After using the escape room customers are permitted to stay in the snack bar for an additional 15 minutes for food and drink however they are not entitled to use any of the gaming facilities in the gaming area or walk around spectating.

All rooms and equipment subject to availability are open to customers with online or walk-in bookings.

On placing a booking, the customer must clearly state, the time of booking to begin, how many hours are to be booked, number of participants in the party.

The Gaming Hideaway has the right to refuse entry to customers that are late to the booked slot, please arrive 15 min early for each VR Escape Room booking. If you are 15min late for a 2hour booking, your time remaining would be 1.45min usage, times cannot be carried over into different slots.

The Gaming Hideaway will not be held responsible for any system that is not available due to full capacity, however, if the facility is at full capacity you will be reserved for the next available slot.

Pre-booking fees are non-refundable.

All parties and coporate events require a 50% deposit non-refundable.

Any date, time, or a number of place changes to parties must be made within 7 days of the booking taking place.

Refunds will not be provided for no-show spaces.

Holiday and Afterschool Activity Club

All Holiday and Afterschool Activity clubs must be paid for in full in advance 7 days before the start date otherwise the slot will no longer be reserved.

All food, snacks, and drinks are provided during the activity clubs however The Gaming Hideaway does not accept any responsibility for any food intolerances or allergies, Medical forms and Disclaimers must be completed before any child is left in the care of The Gaming Hideaway, and staff clearly notified of any medical conditions or food

Holiday Club payment is not refunded due to nonattendance or sickness


Customers abide to report any damages that may occur to any equipment, fixtures or fittings.

Any customer found to deliberately damage The Gaming Hideaway will be liable for the cost to repair and will be refused further entry into the establishment.

Children and Parental Consent

To make a booking you must be 11 years and over, all under 16’s will require parental consent.

Any children under 8 years must always be accompanied by an adult unless previously authorised by management. Under certain circumstances, children between 6 and 8 years of age can be accompanied by a sibling of 11 years and above.

Holiday and Afterschool Club is from age 8 years onwards.

Children under 5 years are not to use the VR equipment or simulators apart from the 9D Eggs.

All children age 8 years and older may be left during the booking time however a disclaimer must be signed with clear contact details and all children must be collected on their correct leaving time, Any late collections will be charged at £5 per 15 minutes.

Miscellaneous & Liability

The Gaming Hideaway cannot be held responsible for any loss of use, errors in software, booking system faults, or loss of internet during our opening hours.

The Gaming Hideaway will not be held responsible for any cyber-attacks, viruses, or such that may occur during online bookings.

The Gaming Hideaway will not accept responsibility for any adverts that may occur during the online booking process.

Under the rights of third parties Law Act 1999 nobody other than the customer making the booking and The Gaming Hideaway has rights to access information either parties hold.

Data Protection & Copyright

The gaming Hideaway has the right to hold your data on entry forms and email submissions however The Gaming Hideaway will NOT sell any information to 3rd parties.

All customers can unsubscribe from email communication from The Gaming Hideaway.

The Gaming Hideaway has the right to block any accounts we find abusive or go against our rules and regulations.

The Gaming Hideaway owns all rights to the company name, Content

(expect user-generated), Logo and Branding.

All data received always complies with The Data Protection Act 1998 and our staff are trained and qualified in Data Protection.

The Gaming Hideaway holds the right to change or amend these Terms and Conditions at our own discretion.

The Gaming Hideaway hopes you will abide by our rules and regulations to ensure you have an Amazing Experience within our facility.